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About myself     

My name is Daniel; I live in Orlando, FL. I was born in South America. I'm 24 years old 5'8 175 lb. 33w drk/brw masculine guy. I live here in Orlando for more than 6 years, working for Walt Disney World at the moment.

I am in a relationship right now    :)    

I consider myself a shy guy, good sense of humor. I'm always in a good mood, kind old fashion guy, mature (but sometimes I let the child inside of me out). I'm the type of guy that people feel comfortable to ask for opinions, especially in the relationship field.

I love movies; especially the ones that involves special effects; I like comedy and scary ones also, hardly miss the new releases <g>. I also love listen music: alternative, lately I been listening to female musicians like Natalie Merchant, Heather Nova, Sarah McLachlan, Natalie Umbruglia, etc., also like techno. I love to drive (fast of course), cars, play racquetball (daily basis), work out (not for vanity), ride my bike, spend time on my computer; enjoy chatting with people.

Always willing to make friends.

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